Welcome! What is ACSTAC?

ACSTAC is organized under the auspices and accreditation of: the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) and EPS (Εuropean Physical Society)

The underlying logic behind ACSTAC (Anatolia College Science & Technology Annual Conference) is the educational simulation of a scientific conference. In other words students function as little scientists since they select a topic, carry out initial research on that topic and then prepare to come to the conference to present their work, as if they were genuine scientists.

At the same time students become involved with the entire workflow of a scientific conference, that is apart from being presenters, students have the opportunity of serving as organizers of the conference and as reviewers of the scientific papers. In this way students don’t only acquire knowledge through the authoring of their paper, but another group of students succeeds in gaining another form of knowledge through the reviewing process.

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Changes in ACSTAC 2015

Be aware of ACSTAC 2015 changes and events:

  • Students can submit papers in the following five (5) fields: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Math, Information Systems/Computer Science
  • Students can also submit papers in the new interdisciplinary field combining Humanities with any of the (5) following fields:  BiologyPhysics, Chemistry, Math, Information Systems/Computer Science. 
  • Students are expected to write an abstract as well as their full paper. Abstracts must be submitted by March 8th, 2015 and full papers by April 26th, 2015
  • It is the supervising teachers or the students who are responsible for submitting the papers to the ACSTAC electronic submission system (OCS).
  • Apart from submitting papers students can present an Exhibition or a Construction in all 5 fields i.e. groups of students will be given the opportunity to present an exhibition or a construction that they have been working on during the year. 
  • Students are expected to submit their Exhibition or Construction proposals by September 30th, 2015.
  • Students can also participate in the following new events and competitions (Dates & Details will be announced at the ACSTAC START-Day): 
      • ACALC Competition
      • IDEAS Movie/Animation Competition